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We're now offering  the perfect box
for your retail sales.   
It holds ten soap dishes  (4" x 2.5" each)  and
slants 15 degrees for easy reading
of  the affixed box labels. 
It will easily fit on a shelf or a table top. 
Made of pine with the back made of oak or
birch ply (for strength). 
Lightly  sanded, and attached with a high quality
 carpenters' wood glue.  Unstained; no sealers.

It comes with a set of two outside labels (attached.)
  Box measures about  10"L  x  5"w  x  7"H.
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Presentation Box for wood soap dishes

retail presentation box for wood soap dishes

Our pine soap dish Presentation Box "A" has lots of looks and uses.  The sides are made of strong, sustainable pine,
and the bottom is oak or birch plywood (for strength.) 
No stains or finishes.  All natural. 
Picture 1 shows two rows.  Picture 2 shows three rows.

label for retail box
Shown with individual labels
affixed to soap dishes.
Not included.
$19.99  Presentation Box "B"
              Sold separately.
             +USPS Priority shipping $14.35
$32.99  Presentation Box "A"
              Sold separately.
             +USPS Lg.  Priority flat rate
               shipping $19.95

display box for wood soap dishes
pine wood presentation box
 Outside 9.5"L x 9.0" W x 2.5"H
 Inside 8.0"L x 7.5" W x 2.0"H
Shown with free, optional
hardwood nameplate.