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Wholesale, Natural Wood Soap Dishes
Made in
The USA.
wood soap dish in pine wide cut wood soap dish small square pine wood soap dishes
super saver soap dish    using stamps on wood soap dishes
Presentation Box B holds your soap dishes  circular round soap dishes  Wood burning on a wood soap dish
cedar dishes fish shaped wood soap dish heart shaped wood soap dish

Our wooden soap dishes  (also called wood soap decks, wood soap pallets, wood soap racks, wood soap trays, wooden soap holders, wooden soap blocks, wooden soap stations, wood soap planks, slotted wooden soap dishes, soap savers, soap platforms, soap beds, soap drying rack, etc.)  are designed to drain water away and out of the dish.   This allows the soap to dry quickly, and last longer.  Our slotted soap dishes hold up well in wet conditions. 

We make them in Brooksville, Florida, using only sustainable wood, like Pine.  Pine is planted to be harvested, and is an eco-friendly wood resource.  It is in abundant supply and is not over-harvested, nor endangered.   We use no sprays, lacquers, finishes or coatings.  They are 100% chemical free, and we sand everything smooth to the touch.)
                    We round-over corners and edges for a great look and smooth feel. 

 We use only  solid, one-piece construction on our soap decks.  No glues or nails used.
Many of our customers use our soap dishes as a promotional item along with their soaps.
"Buy three bars of soap and get the soap dish for free!"  OR, just sell them as a stand alone item.

As you know, there is a wide cosmetic variance in pine.   Expect to see the occasional knothole, blemish, light and dark grain, or other naturally occurring characteristic.   We believe these add character to the final product and should not be viewed as imperfections.  These variations do not impact  normal use or strength.  We do not send soap dishes that have defects like cuts, gouges or splits.

You've been wanting to support American crafts and American workers...   Now is your chance!  Our quality is unsurpassed- and every one is hand made with pride.

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Please do not consider buying "re-purposed" wood products made from old pallets.  There is a health risk involved. 
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Our wood soap dishes are only made from sustainable, "first use" trees, like pine.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for your order to be completed.  Check back for new updates as we catch up.